December 14


No point in inviting the social secretary to any more Christmas parties because there’s been one too many hangovers and now she is just plain NASTY. So its just as well the Chrissie show at ANCA was so good or things could have got much worse. Its Wall Works and its interesting, not because the works are on the wall, but rather because there is a great bunch of artists covering the ANCA walls with all manner of interesting marks. Its one of those shows where everyone appears to be genuinely enjoying themselves, making the most of the opportunity to do something they might not usually do. Its a show with energy and its great. The Christmas Party was nice too but hey …. we are a bit over it ! Check out the Wall Works by Byrd with Hanna Hoyne, Mariana del Castillo with Gus McGrath and Alex Asch, Nicci Haynes, Tess Horwitz and Paul Summerfield. Curated by Narelle Phillips at ANCA until 22 December.

Andrew (we think) and Gus McGrath

residents old and new : Dan, Emma and Julia

Hannah Hoyne with Byrd

Nicci Haynes

Paul Summerfield and the bub

Mariana del Castillo, Gus McGrath and Alex Asch