December 31


Waiheke Island by day

Waiheke art

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all social page punters from Waiheke Island in far off Aotearoa. New Years Eve begins (and undoubtedly ends) at the Casita Miro restaurant and winery because it’s simply the best. The Casita has exquisite Mediterranean fare served in an unpretentious atmosphere of sun bespectacled clientele in shorts and jandals (thongs in Oz). Cat Vosper the, more than, maître d’ who is the very model of a modern hostess is famous for her skills which she modestly  describes as amateur but that’s what the people crave. The cool Cat (restaurant personality of the year) is out there doing the hard yakka with the guests and then there is the rest of the fab family around, super friendly staff and yes, a good time is guaranteed. The perfect way for many lucky folk to ease into 2012 with more than a little help from the vineyards from which emerge a spectacular rose, pinot gris and the madam rouge aperitif  to name but a few . . . .

 the garden path

David, (Cat Vosper in the background by the door), Gaylene and Renee

Angelique and Alexandra

George and Barnett (fab family shot)

Waiheke new year sunset