February 03


Alice and Lisa T

CCAS is very proud of Alice … With Lisa T, Alice put on her curator hat and they kicked off the 2012 emerging artists’ season with a knockout exhibition, Solstice Eyes. As Alice puts it ” Lisa Twomey is well known for her beautiful murals that smother the walls of boutiques, bars and streets around Canberra. As her first solo exhibition, Solstice Eyes will allow an opportunity to experience her work in a whole new way. The viewer will enter a different mind space, another world, like stumbling into someone else’s dream. Solstice Eyes is a total work of art that crosses the boundaries between fashion, painting, installation and performance.”  Lisa is an artist who doesn’t believe that art should be solely confined to gallery walls and thus her work can (and does) appear almost anywhere. From the walls to the bar and spilling out into the street, even the opening was a masterpiece. In fact Alice and Lisa should have a bit of a clean up ahead of them today but for visitors to the gallery there are Lisa’s paintings which aint half bad and selling fast. See the Solstice at  CCAS Manuka until 12 February.

The spread

Molly and Esther

Hannah, Jane and Laura

live art


Walrus and David