February 08


Janice Falsone and David Broker have been tres busy over the last two days – not that they aren’t always – but this time with inductions for mentees and mentors participating in the 2012 JUMP program. Its been two great days of intensive professional development & training that goes with the program and introduces young artists to some of the more practical things they are going be dealing with very soon. Its sounds totally boring talking about contracts, networking, marketing, planning etc but with Jan and Dave at the helm it was all great fun. There is a mountain of experience between them as Jan worked at Queensland Artworkers and David was one of the pioneers of the mentoring program  when it started in Brisbane back in the late 90s.  Not all the mentors could attend because they are not in the country but the one’s that did are fantastic. Colette, Kaaron and Liz told fascinating stories about the ups and downs of being an artist and how they have maintained their enthusiasm over the years. Wasn’t always easy as it turns out ….  but all augurs well for a great year for JUMP in the ACT and we will keep you posted. Two other mentees Rafael Jerjen and Sarah Kaur could not attend because they are in far flung corners of the globe. Bless them!

Emma Gibson and Colette F. Keen (Theatre/Literature)

Alison Jackson (Visual Arts Crafts) and Andy Butler (Music/Jazz)

Kimberley Gaal and Kaaron Warren (Literature)

Katie Senior and Liz Lea (Community Arts, Dance, Theatre)

Everyone !