February 14


Sarah in Iceland

There were two mentees missing from the JUMP induction last week. Sarah Kaur and Rafael Jerjen are both OS and so we asked if they could send some photographs and let us know what they are up to. Rafael wasted no time and he is already in Los Angeles USA with his mentor. He sent this picture below with the words “This is a picture of my mentor Bill Cunliffe and myself playing a gig in LA on my Birthday! Playing a gig with a Grammy-winning musician and mentor is not a bad way to spend your 23rd Birthday”. Can’t argue with that … There is more up to the minute info on Rafael’s blog. Sarah is doing a residency in Reykjavik ICELAND focusing on solo photographic work, and also capturing empty scapes for a library of video footage she hopes to use as backdrops in her dance-film and media-for-dance work. There’s also up to date news at Sarah’s blog. We really did miss Sarah and Rafael but take solace in the fact that 2012 is off to a spectacular start for these two sparkling new talents. (Sorry about the gush but sometimes the social secretary just can’t help it).

Bill and Rafael (plus an  interesting looking wine cellar which has not gone unnoticed !)