February 17


Annika Harding and Alex Boynes worked very hard to bring Blaze 6 together. The works are probably more diverse than in previous years so it was all a bit tricky. Also in the past they have been a tad monochromatic (not that there’s anything wrong with that).  But not this year …thanks largely to Jon Webster and Ishak Masukor the galleries are a blaze of colour. And works by Bettina Hill, Fiona Veikkanen and Helani Laisk and Dean Butters are not entirely without hue. Only Dan Lorrimer’s metal sculptures go against the grain but then they seem only to enhance this vibrant exhibition of youthful enthusiasm. Now before we all vomit (and a lot of quality wines  and designer beers went down at the opening last night, by the way) …

… Here are a few sensible words from Alex and Annika about the show, ” It’s always a challenge to curate a cohesive exhibition when bringing together the best emerging artists working in a particular time and place. At a glance, it appears that the ties between the works in Blaze 6 are tenuous, but then it becomes apparent that space- between the works and as a central idea- links the works together. There are many ways to define the spaces these artists engage with- domestic spaces, virtual spaces, remembered spaces, rooms, galleries, streets, personal space and the body. Spaces can be finite or infinite; sometimes they are explored and sometimes merely noticed. This preoccupation with the idea of space may have something to do with the uncertainties of the age that we live in, in which people are turning back to the tangible realities of human life. And maybe this preoccupation with boundaries, or lack thereof, is also a way for these emerging artists to locate themselves and their work within the broad context of contemporary art.” Blaze is always a great start to the CCAS year and Blaze 6 is definitely no exception ! At CCAS Gorman House until 24 March. (Thanks to Julia Boyd for the extra pics)

Ishak Masukor, Tiffany Cole and Helen Braund

Dan Lorrimer and Gretel

Jon Webster and Helani Laisk

Fraser and Aurora (Dan L in the background)

Dominic and Mitch

Sebastian and Kathy

Kim, Charlie and Gavin

Grace and Nick

Laine, Baeyer and Fiona Veikkanen

Shellaine, Keith and Alana

Danni, Alex, Dan and Vanessa

Will admires a work by Dan Lorrimer