February 17


Jonathan Webster kicked of the Studio Residents solo shows at CCAS Manuka last night with an absolute cracker of a show. Jon is prolific and his work is diverse. The Manuka work is related the Blaze work but on the surface its two very different shows. There’s paintings, drawings, interventions, objects, photographs and sometimes work that might best be described as all of the above. Jon has spent the last 6 months in one of the  Gorman House studios which seemed to suit his long term focus on the journey of a work from studio to gallery (or to a place of completion and resolution). Suddenly it all made sense as he also employs the gallery space and the garden as a kind of studio. In Nook and Crannies Jon says, ” I am trying to form objects to suit all nooks and crannies. Some of these objects don’t quite fit, but they are still beautiful, sublime.” Over the year he’s pulled a lot of seemingly opposing ideas and media together producing an exhibition that is intelligently conceptual without being remote or pompous. On the contrary – viewers will be impressed by the warmth of Jon’s works and experience something of his joy in making them. Sounds like the social secretary has gone GA GA !  Nooks and Crannies  at CCAS Manuka until 26 March.

Jon Webster and Vivienne Binns

Lisa Tea and Andy

Dean Butters and James Lieutenant