February 23


Google random + legislative assembly and you will get info on random drug testing but what I am looking for is REBUILT, an eclectic exhibition of recent graduates form the ANU Art School. Random 9 is one of Canberra’s on the move ARIs who have mounted their latest show in the bosom of the ACT parliament itself. Gordon Bull, Head of ANU Art School opened the show with some timely encouragement for artists’ with initiative and pointed out that the 9 are actually 13 and on the rise. In no small part thanks to Stephanie Parker the lovely hostess who greeted punters with pink champers, this exhibition in the gallery in the ACT Legislative Assembly seems to have an under current of sexual over tone or was that vice versa. Its an exploration of the reconstructed  but as you might expect the paparazzi were completely sidelined by a brilliant installation of corsets …. and they say the gallery is hot – well check it out for yourself. Rebuilt ACT Legislative Assembly London Circuit Mon-Fri 10-1630 Sat 10-1600 until March 2.

Stephanie Parker and Rhiannon

Riley and Caitlin

Amy and Chloe

Louise and Jessie Adams

Lucinda and friend

Jason O’Brien

Frank and Ann

Frank McConachie and Ann McMahon