March 01


Its hard not to get nervous when reading about exhibitions that explore,  “…the restlessness of our times.” Restless is the second Adelaide International and includes the work of 18 artists who ” …. seek out threshold experiences and create works that convey an ongoing transition from one condition to another.” Yes the Adelaide Festival of Arts is winding up again, its time for the two yearly visit, and last night, which must have been Thursday, saw the openings of exhibitions at the Anne and Gordon Samstag Musem and the Australian Experimental Art Foundation (which we hope will return to being the Experimental Art Foundation now that the fabulous Christine Morrow has become Director). Sorry about the long sentence folks! Its early days for Restless and the jury is out – well its not even in yet – but the social secretary advises that audiences concentrate on the art and rise above the often excruciating commentary that is (actually) expected of curators. Victoria Lynn is an experienced curator, and suffice it to say, she should be able to put on an excellent show. Meanwhile the paparazzi were very busy indeed meeting a few old friends who seem to have lost nothing of their initail appeal.

Cobe and Brenda Croft (Anne and Gordon Samstag Museum)

another Richard Bell classic (Anne and Gordon Samstag Museum)

Stewart McFarlane and Annette Bezor (Anne and Gordon Samstag Museum)

Sandra and Rob McLeish (Anne and Gordon Samstag Museum)

Nici Cumpdton and Darren Siwes

Kylie from CAST in Tassie and Pam Zeplin UniSA (Anne and Gordon Samstag Museum)

exhibition by Teresa Margolles at the Australian Experimental Art Foundation

Aldo Iacobelli, Sonja Porcaro and Peter (Australian Experimental Art Foundation)

Jock and Ray Harris (Australian Experimental Art Foundation)

Katherine and Daniel (Australian Experimental Art Foundation)

Pip, Amita and Jacquie, Gertrude Contemporary Melbourne (Australian Experimental Art Foundation)