March 03


It is clear from the pictures below that the opening of the Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art at the Art Gallery of South Australia was quite a good one. The paparazzi were assisted by Ben Pederick and one Alexandra Sanderson who actually managed to find her way into a number of the snaps. Must be trick photography. But back to the opening – there hasn’t been this much fun at a biennial opening for many years. Seems there is a new mood at AGSA. Natasha Bullock and Alexie Glass-Kantor are the curators of Parallell Collisions and the social secretary has retired to write a few words that we know you will be eagerly awaiting. In the mean time here are some extremely arty social pics capturing the mood of gaiety that descends upon Adelaide once every two years.

Ben and Simon

Pat Foster and Mark Feary (Artspace Sydney)

Ali and Monte Masi (CACSA)

Ray Harris and James Marshall

Richard Bell and Ali

Daniel Moodie Cunningham and Nicole Durling (MONA)

Simon Wright (QCA Art Gallery) and Kelly Gellatly (NGV)

Nicholas Folland and Fulvia Mantelli

Tim Silver and friend

Tony Garifalakis and Ben Pederick

Christine Morrow (new director AEAF) and Fiona Hall

Dan and James Dodd