March 30


multi talented Anni Doyle Wawrzynczak doing crowd management and X-treme auctioneering

Robert Guth’s PhD project Art-is-an Bread has proved beyond a shadow of doubt that art can be fun. Its something one has always suspected but following his somewhat eccentric version of an art auction at CCAS last night – its official. This course, in which Robert swapped bread for objects and photographed the swapee (don’t even try to understand this) reached its climactic end yesterday and attracted an enormous crowd including academics, movie stars, musicians, children, pensioners, public servants, arterati, artists, students, dogs  …. in a word diverse. The auction, both silent and  cacophonous was part of the art and some 600 objects of varying degrees of uselessness were flogged off. There was everything on the tables; cigars, medicines, brassieres, tree frogs, bus tickets, books … a sea of junk made valuable because the audience desired it. Amazing, astonishing and in some instances downright shocking. It was an epic in every sense of the word and just when we thought the night would never end … it did. Well done Robert  …  for those who achieve a doctorate in visual arts a fine future in second hand trading awaits !

Alex and Jamie

Shellaine Godbold and Waratah Lahy


Martin Jolly and Professor Nikos Papastergiadis

Elliott, Mark and Paul

Andrew and Siobhan

Anna and Clare

Anita and Will

Oscar and Carl

hmmm Bennett

Owen and Bill or was that Bill and Owen