March 30


Zoë Walker & Neil Bromwich

Zoë Walker & Neil Bromwich

Zoë Walker & Neil Bromwich

The Celestra in Sydney, Australia

Sydney’s Performance Space, another CAOs treasure, has been rockin’ since Bec Dean and Jeff Khan have been at the helm. Their current project with the Museum of Contemporary Art takes the new bit on the MCA’s side as a starting point and looks to blur boundaries between the museum and its surrounding environment. But enough art speak already there are some great artists and cracker ideas on the table in Local Positioning Systems not the least of which is Celestial Radio with totally fab UK couple Zoë Walker & Neil Bromwich. Celestial Radio  transmits from a small boat covered with some 60,000 mirror tiles. This isn’t simply a floating discoball … the heavenly yatch actually absorbs and reflects its surrounds. It’s a thing of considerable beauty.

Similarly the radio program works to reflect the environment with sound, interviews and music. Zoë and Neil premiered their gorgeous new film Celestial Radio: An Ataireachd Àrd – The Ceaseless Surge of The Sea, at the MCA Thursday night which follows the tale of the northern hemisphere boat and its cultural journeys in the incredible country of the Isle of Skye, Scotland. With no small amount of Gaelic pride and bardy tales it warms the cockles of a good Presbyterian’s heart while testing the Calvinist spirit. Zoë and Neil are among a rare breed of artists who can have their rigour and entertain too.

The people (whoever they are) love this work : Zoë and Neil must be Sydney’s most photographed people right now and bless them for taking time out to position themselves for the social pages. (photo duties shared by Alex Boynes and the paparazzi)

Zoë & Neil arrive at the Commisioner’s Steps aboard the Celestra

db a.k.a David Broker tunes in on 95.9 FM

Bec Dean, Zoë Walker and Jeff Khan MCA new roof top bar