April 03


Don’t miss Bettina Hill’s exhibition Art at Home which is currently showing at CCAS Manuka. Julia Boyd took these pictures at the opening last Thursday night. Art at Home is a show that reveals things about the domestic environment and the appliances we use every day … that we have never even thought of ! This would make it essential viewing for one and all. As Isabelle Morgan said “The unique experience Bettina creates by using objects that feel so familiar is manipulative. But we are to be grateful to her for it. By deconstructing objects or reconstructing them with new unconventional materials she unveils new sides and lives of these things that we have never seen or understood before changing the way we think about them. Undoing our conventional perceptions about the complex and the simple, the hand-made and the machine-made, the domestic and the scientific, Bettina changes the way we react to the most common objects, situations and environments.” If Isabelle says it – it must be true!  At CCAS Manuka until Sunday 8 April.

Bettina Hill

Roz, Damien, Matt, Jac and Emma

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