April 13


There is something very special about the pom pom. Not sure what it is … ( and that’s better left to the PhD candidates and appropriate academics), however, I am sure everyone will agree they are just super. There are pom poms aplenty in Fiona Veikkanen’s exhibition at CCAS Manuka and what’s especially great is that you can pluck one from the wall and take it home.  Rumour has it that Fiona had a pom pom circle busily making these extraordinary objects for exhibition. The pom pom  piece is arguably the piece de resistance  and a Creature Comfort that you could literally sink into. (some have tried) Fiona is a rare practitioner who begins her work in an area of craft that could hardly be called art and  propels it convincingly into the heady zone of conceptual practice. Just don’t leave any woollen clothes in her path because they might end up partially unravelled on a plinth or transformed into some new woollen masterpiece on a gallery wall. Creature Comforts at CCAS Manuka 22 April.  The paparazzi duties shared by Julia Boyd and David Broker.

Veikkanens and pom poms

Heather and Anni pom pom heaven

Fiona and her sisters

Roman and Dickie

Drew and Annika

Jon and Emma