April 21


Arriving in Adelaide at 8pm sharp on a hot Thursday evening, it was a little late for the opening of a brilliant exhibition by Carla Cescon & Clare Milledge Maximalist Ritualist at the Australian Experimental Art Foundation. (Anything with Carla in it is brilliant) Although one was not directly responsible, because of the  tardiness, many of the remaining punters were well past their prime. In fact a number of Adelaide’s beautiful young artists looked a FRIGHT and the elders weren’t scrubbing up too well either. It was, however, a great night for the pizza as Julie and Christine both ordered pizzas for the masses while others brought their own. That is a lot of pizzas and meanwhile, Mikey must have been turning water into wine. There is simply no other explanation … .

not the most flattering photo ever taken of Carla Cescon and Simon Tate



Riley and Katie

Riley and Katie

Lise and

David Broker does a convincing impression of a Francis Bacon painting for Ken Bolton who is clearly fascinated

Aldo Iacobelli