April 21


Meanwhile out in the back shed  there opened an exhibition with the arresting title The Cuddly Rapture. Here tell that Patrick Rees was snorkelling in the portable pool that makes up part of his massive installation but he had abandoned the snorkel fairly quickly because the water was too cold.  Disappointing Patrick.** But there is plenty to distract those of short attention spans … as the Rapture is an explosion of colourful detritus and the kind of exhibition that generates an atmosphere of discombobulated gaiety. Sorry but can’t think of a better word than gaiety right now. But as The Adelaide City Guide puts it so eloquently  “The Cuddly Rapture is an installation work that explores mythology and comedy, violence and banality and the banality of violence, ugliness as beauty, the climax of Apocolypse Now as well as, somehow, The Muppets.” The Cuddly Rapture, Patrick Rees at the Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia until May 6.

Patrick Rees and David Broker

Patrick and Matthew Bradley

Sam Howie and Nittan

** Patrick sent some great underwater and above water pics to assuage the above mentioned disappointment and HEY, it worked!