April 29


Ginninderra blacksmiths workshop

What Still Remains: Ginninderra Blacksmith’s Workshop

It was a nervous taxi driver who delivered CCAS director David Broker to the launch of a film by Janice and Joseph Falsone produced for the ACT Heritage Festival with funding from ACT Heritage Unit. Apparently a blacksmith’s work shop somewhere on the Barton Highway is not an address, and a map … is not enough information. (GPS freak out!) But thanks to excellent old fashioned signage on the side of the road we made it … along with hordes of others from Canberra and surrounding districts. Jan and Joseph know how to pull a crowd ! This is one of the inspired projects from the ACT Heritage Unit where artists get to work with communities to produce work that essentially focuses creative attention on significant places in the ACT. Jan’s film in which several local people read Joseph’s brilliant poetic texts based on the history of the blacksmith’s shop emphasises the human connection to the site with stunningly sharp focus. Silvery images of the area are interspersed with readings of disarming honesty and that alone holds the audience’s attention.

TALK : What still Remains : Why is the ACT Heritage Unit engaging artists ?

As part of the 2012 Canberra and Region Heritage Festival …the ACT Heritage Unit engaged professional artists to creatively interpret heritage-listed places: textile artist Annie Trevellian at the Valley Ruin, Gungahlin; and Janice Kuczkowski in collaboration with writer Joseph Falsone at the Ginninderra Blacksmith’s Worksop, Nicholls. Annie, Jan and Joseph will be talking about their approach and what they achieved from 12.30 – 1.30pm Friday 18 May in the Theatrette, Canberra Museum and Art Gallery London Circuit Canberra. All will be revealed!

Claire and Janice Falsone

Esther, Joseph Falsone and Merryn

Ian Robertson and Timo Nest