May 10


Just when we thought it was over for National Indigenous Art Triennials the National Gallery of Australia literally sprung one on us. But let’s eschew the jokes about how its been five years since the first Triennial or how figures are not the artworld’s greatest strength …. the Triennial is back and no one’s complaining. At the opening last night it didn’t take long to recall that triennials bring a goodly number of Australia’s most fabulous people (many of whom just happen to be artists) to Canberra. Like a breath (gust actually) of fresh air the Triennial reminds us what is truly great about Australia : the ongoing struggle and enduring spirit of Indigenous Australians is an inspiration. This spirit is abundantly evident in the work of artists from every corner of the land. In these tawdry times when the hideous spectres of Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard loom large over the capital and the Nation, unDisclosed is a grounding experience. Fab opening NGA ! … the Social Secretary is looking forward to the exhibition and will provide a commentary at the earliest opportunity ! unDisclosed opening today at the National Gallery of Australia until 22 July

Christian Thomson and Fiona Foley

Prof. Mick Dodson and Raquel Ormella

Genevieve O’Callaghan, Janice and Jonathan Jones

Richard Bell and fabulous friend

Djon Mundine and UK Frederick

Danie Mellor and Tony Albert

Mark Young (Starling, Melbourne) and Suzanne O’Connell ( Suzanne O’Connell Gallery Brisbane)

Grant (Gabrielle Pizzi Gallery Melbourne) and Helen (Wesfarmers)

Bronwyn and Brenton