Adam Veikkanen is ACT recipient of the Qantas Foundation Art Award  2011 and he has just arrived in Brazil and sent us this short letter. We hope that this will be the first of many mini- epistles and that Adam will keep us up to speed with his globe trotting throughout the year … 

“Here is a photo of me “ontop de mondo” Portuguese for on top of the world. I am not too sure why am still wearing a jacket, it was actually quite warm. I don’t really have any one to take photos of me yet, but I will soon. So I am at JACA Arte in Jardim Canada (Forests of Canada) a town much like Fyshwick except with people living right next to it. It is an interesting a place, very industrial, there are huge party venues, the most expensive out of Belo Horizonte. Belo Horizonte was a bit much at first vast amounts of apartment blocks that run all the way up the hill sides. I will send some photos, a city of only five million. The director here is nice, and so are the assistants they remind me a little of you guys. JACA is a great place to get work done, there are barely any distractions, and Belo Horizonte is not that far away, a short bus trip. The side walks are really nice paved with that kopo kabana pattern. I have seen a lot of Niemeiyers, some are good and some not so good. I cant wait for Brasilia.”

Adam Veikkanen “ontop de mondo”

Jardim Canada 1

Jardim Canada 2

Adam Veikkanen is ACT recipient of the Qantas Foundation Art Award 2011