Meanwhile on the shores of Lake Michigan, Emma Gibson,  one of our other favourite JUMP mentees (they are all favourites of course) was deeply involved in researching Chicago’s infamous underbelly. As we know very well now Australia’s gangster scene might be smaller but speaking globally –  it is certainly competitive – and very relevant to Emma’s project ! 

“Here’s a photo of me in Chicago. I was on holidays with my Grandmother, and decided to make the most of my time in Chicago to see if I came across anything relevant to the play I’m writing. There are rumours that the Pyjama Girl murder was connected to gangsters in Melbourne, so what better place to get in the gangster mood than on a tour of the key mob spots of 1930s Chicago. Not sure if there’s anything you can do with the photo of me. My Nana’s not the best at taking pictures …”

Emma Gibson in Chicago USA