May 19


If hangovers are anything to go by then the 2012 CCAS members show was a massive success. The world may not have ended but come Saturday morning and it certainly feels like it. This years show was a blast from the past, back to the good old days in Gorman House. We were  a little concerned that the new venue and format would take a while to re-establish, however, our fears were completely unfounded and the response was literally overwhelming. Julian Hobba (Program Manager – Arts and Culture – Canberra 100) played the role of distinguished judge this year and he certainly distinguished himself. A relatively new kid on the block we had no idea what Julian’s tastes might be or if indeed he had any. He took his judging role very seriously and came up with a number of winners. In his announcement Julian duly noted that any of the top three could be winners, however, order of preference is the judges impossible duty. Third prize (even though there isn’t one) went to Cathy Laudenbach for a very dark performative photograph that is both humorous and disturbing. Byrd was the runner up for the third time and that is getting slightly weird. His brilliant metallic painting Without End is trompe l’oeil debris, the sort of thing you might find floating in space after the end time. The 500 goes appropriately to Mandy Martin for her particularly bleak landscape Open Cut Coal. Mandy is well known as the queen of bleak and this one is bleak even by her incredibly high standards. Congratulations are due to everyone for works that are variously imaginative, miserable, amusing and in some case courageous. Its actually a very entertaining show. Thanks were also due to Erica Seccombe who suggested the theme but as she said in an email from the UK last week, “Don’t thank me thank the Mayans. You should say something at the end like thanks for all the fish. Remember the dolphin says that at the end of the world.” Strangely that does make sense if you make the effort !

Winner’s circle 1 : Tom Griffiths and Mandy Martin

Winner’s circle 2 : Chelsea, Andrew and Byrd

(Judge) Julian and Sam

Rachel Bowak and Kate Murphy

Bob Boynes and Sarit Cohen

Ash and Harry

Jim and Will

Jing-Ling Chua and Miriam Kelly

Roger, Mel and Hardy