May 27


All four artists currently occupying the Gorman House galleries have used the gallery walls to refer to whats happening on the floor. This is not an idea that brings the exhibitions together, its just the way it is. Rachel Bowak’s stylish post object extravaganza includes objects that only hint at their own objectness. (Sorry if we are sounding like arts academics!) Rachel’s wall work, takes a witty and humorous approach to envisioning concepts of domestic space / gallery space,  is so integrated with the floor that its impossible to tell where either begins and ends. In fact she brought her own wall and put it on the floor where it became an object for the display of other quasi objects ! Like Rachel, visual bard Drew Moynihan also brought in his own walls to “illustrate” ideas about personal heritage and ancient Gaelic story telling that’s happening on gallery walls. The story of the boy and the shark is a gallery within a gallery within a gallery. See if you can’t work that one out … In the cube, two prints by Josephine Starrs and Leon Cmielewski point to their spectacular digital video that imagines what the embattled land would say if language was the mode of communication. Natural wonders like the Ganges Delta and The Coorong are in a state of flux due to global warming and yet their dire and obvious warnings are not being heard ….  These three exhibitions have received an extraordinary response – even notwithstanding our extremely high standards of self promotion!  Reside Rachel Bowak, A Handful of Stew Andrew Moynihan and Incompatible Elements Josephine Starrs and Leon Cmielewski at Gorman House Art Centre Galleries until 23 June.

Rachel Bowak and Louise

Ruby Green and Andrew Moynihan (work by Rachel Bowak)

Sarah, Josephine Starrs and Micah

Alex, Alex and Oliver

Leon Cmielewski and Bronwyn

Mary Rose, Drew Moynihan and Michelle

Martyn Jolly and Lucy

Claire and Emma Beer

Bettina Hill and Rosalind Lemoh

Jessie, Siobhan and Isabelle

David Broker and the shadow of Scott Franks

Jason, Josie and Sarah