June 05


Sharon Curran, Tania Evans, Maurice O’Riordan, Bob Brown and David Williams

Micky Allen and Steenus von Steensen listen intently to Bob Brown

Following his final speech at Canberra’s Press Club Soon to retire (from parliamentary duties) Senator Bob Brown rushed to the Electric Shadows Bookshop for the launch of Art Monthly Australia’s 250th edition and the opening of his exhibition of photographs. ( Just made up the bit about rushing) For those who feel a bit let down by Bob’s imminent departure his speech was reassuring. Heading for Broome straight after the opening to support traditional owners fight off some dreadful gas plant planned for their lands, in reality, Bob Brown is far from retirement. His exhibition is a moment of reflection both on his immediate environment, and as you might expect, The Environment. Its an opportunity for Bob to bask in the beauty  … momentarily. As if he didn’t have enough to do he is also a contributor to Art Monthly’s 250th edition which focuses on critical writing. Merryn Gates launched the ship and all who currently sail in her were there to celebrate a distinguished history of Australian visual arts analysis. You can buy the mag (with stylish cover by Tania Evans) and look at the show on the Electric Wall at the Electric Shadows Bookshop – one stop, one shop!

*** Art Monthly is hosting a fundraising auction on Saturday 30 June, from 5pm, at Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Gorman House. More than 50 artists have donated work – you can view works available here  To celebrate 25 years in publishing, you are also invited to AMA’s birthday dinner after the auction.Venue: Chairman and Yip Restaurant, Civic, Canberra, from 8pm.  Tickets are available $150.00 Contact: Sharon Curran artmonthly.admin@anu.edu.au  or ph: 02 6125 3988

Merryn Gates, Bob Brown and Katarina

Ella, Tania Evans and Helen Maxwell

Robin and Matt

Jennifer and Stephen