June 18


Hi Jan and David,
Here is a photo of me in Prague with Emil Viklicky. Emil is a famous jazz pianist in Europe and internationally. Just last week he played with George Mraz in NYC. George and him have played together for years and recorded many albums together. I originally got in touch with George thanks to him. Also Emil told me George got married last week. …. there is a bit of recent gossip for you. Emil and I are looking at playing some gigs together in Berlin in January ! This is huge for me that he wants to play gigs with me ! He suggested it, I couldn’t believe it ! Also the second picture is of a guitarist called Adam Tvrdy and the bass player Petr Dvorsky who now plays Goerge Mraz’s original bass since he sold it. It was their gig that we were seeing (this is the pic with me in the middle, the one with Emil ‘m on the right and Emil in the middle).
Take care and I’ll see you soon. I’ll be back in Australia in two weeks.
Best wishes

Adam Tvrdy, Emil Viklicky Raphael Jerjen

Adam Tvrdy, Raphael, Petr Dvorsky

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