June 23


It all began with a very good Mojito at the Hippo Bar and ended at the Phoenix. (Canberra readers will know the significance of that.) Somewhere in a time between, Canberra Museum + Gallery (CMAG)  put on such a good party to open Word of Mouth : Encounters with Abstract Art, that we didn’t make it into the gallery. Sigh. The line up of artists, however, is fabulous so disappointment will not be an issue. There was a huge turnout as the lovely Genevieve Jacobs launched the exhibition from a perch high on the stairs and spirits were high. And got a lot higher as the evening wore on … and on. So its looking like a lunch time visit next week for a close encounter of the abstract kind …. But don’t wait for us, have your own brush with abstraction right now ! At CMAG until August 19

Genevieve Jacobs and Deborah Clark

Toni and Nathanwi

Helen Shelly and Kau Shik

Simon and Chris Carmody

Clare Thackway, Greg Hodge and Genna

David and Lionel Bawden

Marie Hegarty, Blade Llallemand

Marie Hegarty, Blade Llallemand and Wendy Teakel

Alex, Waratah Lahy and Bryan Spier (love your work Bryan!)

Helani Laisk, Antonia Aitken and Anna Laisk

Mark Bailey (cmag curator), Victoria Firth-Smith and Shane Breynard (cmag Director)