June 24



Hi David!
I thought I’d let you know that Nanoplastica has had a showing in London and its been nice sitting here watching it and reflecting on the past four years since the first exhibition at CCAS – which was the best space to have it in by far, but I’m pretty pleased with my make shift projector cradles hanging from the ceiling in the gallery here. There have been some very interested artists coming in and talking to me too.  What was totally fun was the Canberra folk who came along to the opening, Denise Ferris who just stepped off a plane, Nicci Haynes and Chistine Henry who was researching at the ANU Department of Applied Maths when I first made this work. There were some other excellent folk from Australia there too, and it was a good mix with my new London friends. They include Jyll Bradley who is the artist coming over to Canberra to do a project for the Centenary and she has been really generous and introducing me to people and places in London. I’ve attached a photo of the four of us Canberra Gals.
XXX Erica

Erica Seccombe, Denise Ferris, Nicci Haynes and Christine Henry