June 28


There are rolling openings at Biennale time. The Art Gallery of New South Wales opened on Tuesday and Wednesday it was the turn of the MCA or (for the benefit of our fans in Greenland) Museum of Contemporary Art. The MCA openings are always crackers and last night was no exception – possibly best ever with no hyperbole. So what better event to introduce Salote who actually needs no introduction. Were it not for another daunting night of openings I fear the enthusiastic throng could not have been evicted. Quite a few people on the deck who one could say were pushing their luck. Heard that several folk had to find creative methods of entrance … at least one Melbourne rapscallion pretended to be Hany Armanious. Now there’s a handy hint for those rare occasions when being oneself is simply doesn’t cut it. Whatever the means, however, they were justified by the end and once you were in it was just a matter of minding the bloody stairs. You need a stunt double to tackle the MCA’s new stairs and extreme care should be taken – if not a lift !

Profuse apologies to Silvana and Gabriella for not being able to tell them apart … and thanks to Natalie Thomas capturing the images of so many wonderful people.

Lisa Reihana, Salote, one of Gabriella and Silvana Mangano, Judy Watson

Anna Pappas (Anna Pappas Gallery) and Salote

Amanda Rowell (The Commercial) and Robert Pulie

Jess Olivieri (Parachutes for Ladies), Sarah Rodigari and one of Gabriella and Silvana Mangano

Salote and Jason Hood (cat noted)

exhibition designer MONA Adrian Spinks

Geneveive O’Callaghan (Art and Australia) and Jonathan Jones (artist and Art Gallery of New South Wales)