July 07


Well the latest bunch of artists moving in to CCAS seem very capable … of staying up all night and making a lot of noise that is. Yes Friday fright night was a long one folks but the art is fine … get it. In the MAINspace there’s the incredible circle of sound by Alex Davies  based on the game of Chinese whispers.  (I think its a game) It aint Saint Pauls but prepare to be immersed in the gallery of whispers …. . Belinda Toll’s beautiful glass vessels holding light and containing depth are the perfect partner for a major sound piece. And then there is Melbourne’s Natalie Thomas –  as Alex put it, “a phenomenon with the under 10s” – in the Cube. Nat’s been in the Sate Library of Victory devoting her day light hours to sleazy newspaper headlines and her seductive come riveting videos appear to be a huge hit with the generation who have no idea what microfiche is as well as those who can actually remember The Truth ! Alex Davies, Belinda Toll, Natalie Thomas at CCAS Gorman House until 11 August.

Ali, Alex Davies and Luka

Belinda Toll

Ali and Zak

Alex and Nat

Robert and Shan

Jake and Marty

Leo and Samantha Small

David Broker, Alexander Boynes and Alex Davies

Paul and Nat

Luka and work by Belinda Toll