July 22


Melbourne dynamo Natalie  Thomas is out and about again and filed this report from the opening of Error and Judgement an exhibition curated by social pages favourite Mark Feary  on Saturday arvo.

Ever made a poor creative choice that ended up being a stroke of subliminal artistic genius? It can take a while for the artist to reassess this change in expected outcome. But the practitioners chosen by Mark Feary for ‘Error and Judgement’ are an open-minded bunch, remaining free to jam it out in public. And the crowd loved it. The sun was shining and there was a smile on everyone’s dial at yesterday arvo’s opening. F***-up’s have never looked so good. Even a crazed political leader like karaoke king Kim Jong-il sat comfortably on the gallery walls. I’d go as far as to say Kim is a great candidate for a show at the National Portrait Gallery. All in all, it is a well hung effort by all those involved.’Error and Judgement’ is on at Arts Projects Australia till 4th September.

South, Roopa and Mark Feary

Kirk Couture, Chris Hanrahan, Nick Johns

2 members of the Greatest Hits, Jarrah de Kuijer and Gavin B

Artist Albi and Kate

Artist Tony Garifalakis, Platform Director Angela Brophy and artist Pat Foster