July 25



Surprisingly its never happened before … that the CCAS Studio Residents put on a show in the middle of the year. The 2012 residents are a particularly active lot and their exhibition at the Photospace Gallery ANU School of Art gives a good indication of what everyone has been doing and where they are at right now. Its looking pretty good ! An excellent turnout for the opening included several proud parents who turned up to show their support so the photo’s are exclusively family photos. We love family photos on the social pages as readers will know.  Salute, as curator Julia Boyd puts it, … stands to attention, taps its cap. sounds an alarm but most importantly pays respect to the materials and ideas that inspire artists in Canberra. Hannah Bath, Julia Boyd, Holly Granville -Edge, Ruby Green, Patrick Larmour and Roman Stachurski at Photospace  Gallery until 29 July.

Annette and Julia Boyd

Felicity and Holly Glanville-Edge

Marta, Roman and Zbigniew Stachurski