August 02


Communicants is a spiritual spectacle through which Ella Whately has managed to transform the Manuka Gallery with works that occupy the space rather than the walls. Gregarious and loquacious …   Ella turned off most of the lights  around 6.30 pm, less to frighten everyone and more to demonstrate how each piece captures and reflects its own light or generates an ethereal glow. Light seems to break through paint like a beacon of hope …  if ever there was a feel good exhibition of divine abstraction this is it. Ella also knows how to put on an excellent opening – good conversation, excellent wine and lots of crisps – made for a happy audience. Communicants at CCAS Manuka until 12 August.

family photo : Franklin, Ella Whately and Jo

Mark and Linley

Paul and Heather

Nicci Haynes and Bernie