September 08


Grace Cramer, Alexander Boynes and Andy Mullens

You have probably already seen Alex’s post (Desert Correspondent 8.8.12) re his trek into the Tanami desert where he got to hang out with the Walmajarri people who live at Paruku  an Indigenous Protected Area (a.k.a Lake Gregory) and Mulan. With astonishing speed (we don’t know where he finds the time because he doesn’t get any off from CCAS)  Alex has produced a series of works around a shadow dancing evening he helped organise with the local kids getting down to the latest Rap & R&B tracks. The works, digital prints on aluminium, capture the spirit of the desert dance and what must have been a cracker of a night. The Weight of Shadows by Alexander Boynes Photospace ANU Art School, Childers Street Canberra until 16 September.

Andrew, Matthew and Dan

Anton, Eric and Liz

Luke and Charlie