September 08


They are called BeAN (which is better than BAN) and they are the Belconnen Artists’ Network who have been around since time immemorial or 1999 for those people who can actually remember anything.  There is something for everyone in BeAN’s latest exhibition inspired by the famous Ginninderra Creek. Reflecting their physical and spiritual journeys up and down the creek (with paddles!) the BeAN artists have made works of every shape and size with some pretty out there conceptual stuff going down.  Curator Anni Doyle Wawrzynczak certainly had her work cut out for her and did a particularly fabulous job on the group effort which is an “abstracted areial view” of the famous waterway and its many manifestations as it wends its way to the mighty Murrimbidgee.   Said Anni, ” Through seeing the artists’ experiences in the context of a journey , we can understand the limitations and manipulations that come with living and working in the nation’s capital”. Ginninderra Journeys – From there to here is a great way to experience Canberra and environs through the eyes of the people who live here … or was that there? At Belconnen Art Centre until 23 September.  

Rena McCawley and Anni Doyle Wawrzynczak

Paul Haslam and the big “Swamp Lizard” with Richard Lamond

Vera Delova, Anni and Robyn Diener