September 15


The Liverpool Biennal 2012 kicked off last night with a gruelling round of openings. Hard work even for die hard paparartzzi. Fortunately there was help at hand from Suzanne Treister who just happens to have a natural talent for directing the punters to excellent effect. We missed the afternoon drinks (not entirely a bad thing) but made up for it at the opening of Bloomberg Young Contemporaries. New Contemporaries is the leading UK organisation supporting emerging artists from British Art Schools. Since 1949 New Contemporaries has consistently provided a critical platform for new and recent fine art graduates primarily by means of an annual, nationally touring exhibition. This is a prestigious gig that artists apply to be in and a great showcase of new UK artists. There was some very fun people at this opening and they got quite a bit funner as the evening continued ….. Bloomberg New Contemporaries at Copperas Hill Building Liverpool until 25 November.

p.s you might notice that the British have taken to the Social Pages like ducks to water !

David Broker and Sacha Craddock (Chair of New Contemporaries) plus Jennifer Bailey in fabulous Versace slacks

Tara Langford, Sarah Jones and Jack Brindley

Tom and James or was that James and Tom?

Jennifer Bailey and George Eksts

context : work by Jennifer and George (above)

Damien Chandler and David

Simon Jones (architect) and Val