September 24


antiquated at the British Museum

Its a classic. London in September, and its off with he shorts and out with the umbrellas. But what better way to spend a wet Sunday afternoon that going to two exhibitions in the rather lovely Southwark Park at Canada Waters. First it was Roy Voss’s show Cast which is part of a Matt’s Gallery at Dilston Grove  series of co-presentations. Roy’s  exhibition makes very effective use of this amazing semi derelict church  – theatrical and severe – which could prove to be difficult for many artists but not Roy. The work is minimal in this substantial space and he has rested 2 sculptural forms that seem to melt into the walls. … Where once was an entrance there hangs  “a mis-registered but spatially convincing image of an imperial staircase, offering a way up and a way out.”  Shrouded in mystery and dim natural light this installation makes the very best of this cavernous space.

Across the other side of the park is  Cafe Gallery which is another very nice gallery indeed. The exhibition One and One and One brings together a bunch of artists who imagine architecture as unfinished, unformed or incomplete. Its a  curated by architectural theorists and a little esoteric as one might expect but an interesting challenge for artists and audiences alike. Artists : Amikam Toren | Bernice Donszelmann | Louisa Minkin and Francis Summers | Mary Maclean | Richard Healy | Ruth Proctor | Sally Morfill | Tim Renshaw | Yonatan Vinitsky

photos by Suzanne Treister and David Broker

Roy Voss (Dilston Grove)

Richard Grayson, Robin Klassnik (Director of Matt’s Gallery) and David Jones (Dilston Grove)

David Broker and Rachel Withers (Dilston Grove)

Joe and Joe (Dilston Grove)

George, Will, Erica and Rich (Dilston Grove)

Southwark Park and nice weather for ducks

Tim Renshaw, Bernice Donszelmann and Clive Rawley (Cafe Gallery)

Chris and Rebecca Geldard (Cafe Gallery)