October 09


Nat is going off with dizzying speed. Here is her second post in as many days from the opening of In a Lonely Place at the Centre for Contemporary Photography in beautiful Melbourne. (ed.)

Last night was a complete hoot at CCP. It’s Melbourne Festival time, and the internationals always create quite the stir with the locals. Maestro of light Gregory Crewdson is in town. His pics and presence got a lot of local photographers discussing issues surrounding Australian glass ceiling’s. All that collector, market, museum, scale and budget hoopla that artists like to day dream on about (whilst juggling a day job).

It was beautiful to see what a $100,000+ budget production print looked like on the wall. In a frame. Side by side. Covering every wall.

Oh to set fire to a building, for a photo. You’ve got to hand it to the man, he knows how to facilitate the resources available to him.

Natalie Thomas

A welcome from Rob

Darren Sylvester and Selina Ou

Helen Frajman and Heart

Paul and Gabriella Mangano

Andrew and Kyla

Christina Apostolidis, Sylvia Kantor, Gregory Crewdson and Michael Kantor