October 15


I happened upon an opening at Fitzroy’s Sutton Gallery on Saturday arvo. Two rooms, two artists.

In the entrance space, Raafat Ishak with a new installation, intriguingly titled Nomination for the presidency of the New Egypt. Raaf doesn’t shy away from taking on moments of major social upheaval within his gorgeous works. His political offering gets us thinking about the Arab Spring, and who will be left in charge of his native Egypt.

Round the corner, ANU School of Art alumni Kate Smith continues her playful investigation into all manners of art making. She presents Deep Privacy/Convex, a scattering of her colourful and intimate paintings.

Natalie Thomas (in vibrant Melbourne, ed.)

Raafat and Tarek Ishak

Issac Hurley and Kate Smith

David Jolly and Louise Paramour

Lucreccia, Bryan, Callum, Jason, Reubs

Nick Mangan and Danius Kesminas

Rosemary Forde and Ronnie Van Hout

Ross Coulter and Christopher Koller

Leah Jackson and Jordy Marani