October 25

au·to /graph

One of the best shows of the year opened at CCAS Manuka last night. Recently emerged artists Dean Butters, Aimee Fitzgerald, Elly Freer and  have put together a cracker of a show made up of their latest efforts. Isabelle Morgan says “This exhibition is not about identity but it is self-centered. Some may say it is arrogant, others, a tad neurotic or even a little mental. But all is forgiven by the fact that this anxious and obsessive photography is some of the hottest Canberra’s contemporary art scene has to offer” And she’s right.  Deans’s bad enough to be GREAT photographs of himself looking pretty ridiculous in a Batman suit raise a lot of more serious issues… to many to go into for the social pages … Elly’s hard edged still lifes and Holly’s portraits of women both tread a fine line between beauty and something unsettling that its hard to put one’s finger on … and Aimee’s ethereal images revolutionise presentation with light boxes in antique type frames. I know we nearly always say this but au·to /graph really  IS essential viewing. At CCAS Manuka until 4 November.

Stephanie, Holly Granville-Edge and Sharon

Ross and Dean Butters

Aimee Fitzgerald

Holly Glanville-Edge and Elly Freer

Beck and Ty