October 25


When Ellis Hutch and Erica Seccombe put on a show you can be sure of a good opening. They know the right people. Fortunately they have exhibitions in each other’s near vicinity from time to time and its easy to end up with a sore head the following day. And the shows aint bad either. This one explores their shared interests in “the limits if human perception and scientific understanding, finding contemporary points of no return” hence the reference to Julius Caesar taking the legions across the Rubicon to a point from which there was no return from battle. Dennis Ferris gave the opening address and went at least 2 minutes over her allotted 1 but hey, she said some good things talking about how Ellis and Erica have a reputation for doing things just to see what happens. They do but the work is always thoughtful. In this show Ellis’s lyrical photographs of ice imagine Antarctica as a space both empty and full – “of wind and whiteness, the sounds of ice, cracking, falling, grinding and sliding.These empty spaces are full of the dead presence of extinguished explorers …. ”  Erica’s Vault Door is based on the sealed environment of the Millennium Seed Bank at Kew Gardens …. our protection against extinction. Emerging from this environment during her recent residency into the fecund forests of Wakehurst reserve in summer seemed totally at odds with the sterile seed bank but of course ultimately they are not. The forest exists as a living manifestation of the potential of dormant seeds.   All the Empty Spaces Ellis Hutch and Constructed Landscape & Vault Door Erica Seccombe at ANCA Gallery And Studios until 4 November.

Ellis Hutch, Deborah Clarke and Erica Seccombe

Ben Hinton and Megan Jackson

Eva and Erica

Gordon Bull and Anthea Callen

Jan Falsone and Joseph Falsone