November 29


Fernando do Campo was in Melbourne last night, taking care of business, Elvis style. Exhibiting at long running Melbourne artists run institution TCB, Fernando showed recent abstracted works on paper and board, limiting his vocab, so to speak. Fernando returns to Launceston this Friday, for the opening of the final show under his Directorship, at Sawtooth He retires from this position to spend more time on his own practice, having overseen the Tasmanian ARI within it’s setting up period. Oscar Perry and Rowan McNaught presented a collaborative project intriguingly titled Ballysiléachn I, incorporating sculptural constructions and hi-tech video. These boys clearly know their way around a band saw and a computer program! It quickly got too hot within the gallery upstairs for many, who retired to the gutters outside to partake of restorative ale. I copied them.

from Natalie Thomas in scorching Melbourne

Limiting my vocab by Fernando do Campo and Ballysiléachn I by Oscar Perry and Rowan McNaught At tcb art inc. level 1/12 Waratah Place Melbourne Till 15th December

Fernando do Campo and Courtney Foote

Oscar and Simon Perry

savoir faire Jo and Felix

Gabriella Foreman and Grace McLean

Hugh Westland, Martin King, and Henry Madin

Jeremy Eaton and Made` Spencer-Castle

Lauren Holloway and Lewi Kingston

Ed Sainstery, Alex Koutsoukis and Madeleine Apple

Carly McMahon and Loren Bates