November 29


Spare a thought for the poor paparazzi at this gruelling time of year …. with openings coming thick and fast …. and that’s only in Canberra and Melbourne. And just wait till we get to Brisbane next week folks! Tonight its not even art, but arty shopping, which is equally important. Its an historical night for Canberra with Lonsdale Street Traders open for business and there are actually things to buy. There was some serious credit card stress at this HOT do which launched a zone of sore temptation in the old tyre warehouse in Lonsdale Street.  Canberra hits 36 and there  is nothing quite like a sweaty fashion parade but hey, the models looked lovely, even if the audience was plagued by the occasional hot flush. Our Alex was even discovered moonlighting as a modelle for itrip iskip and doing rather well.  Yes, it was a surprise for everyone. So if If you are thinking about a nice mini skirt, a bathing costume for the long hot summer ahead, a chicken in a jar (alright its a duck!), a dangerous affogato, a groovy bike, a kookaburra necklace, a Rare haircut or a terarium (have no idea how to spell that) then Lonsdale Traders is the place to go. And don’t dilly dally on the way. Lonsdale Street Traders Canberra.

Emily, Lucy and Miss Jeanie

Adam Mada (magician and MC) and Sam Provost

Alan and Joseph (of Roasters fame)

Jane, Melissa and Meghan but maybe not in that order

Lorenzo (Elseware)

Becky (amazing ceramicist at Elseware)

Helen (Pela’s gorgeous mum) at Pela’s Studio

Leon, Emily and Jess, I Flaneur

Alex’s first modelling gig for itrip iskip

Alex: duck to water

Sara, Jude and Harry at Wildwood

the fabulous Miss Jeanie in spectacular bathing cossie

Tara (Rare hair) and Jeanette

Greg and Ros

Anni and Jenny (Handsomepretty)

Jessica at Box