Just landed …. and straight to the opening of Luminous World : Contemporary Art from the Wesfarmers Collection at the Charles Darwin University Gallery. Although this exhibition struggles to rise above the level of a sampler there are some magnificent works from what is clearly an impressive collection. Following a less than elegant sufficiency of speeches we managed to get three or four brilliant pics of people at the opening, none of which you will be seeing. At the low-key artists’ talks next day we were reminded by security that photography without permission is prohibited in the CDU Gallery. Upon dutifully asking the curator (this is not the curator of the exhibition) for permission we received a frosty reception and a resounding NO ! Something to do with artists copyright – as if we can never see images of these works anywhere ….  check that old chestnut  Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. The social pages of course does not photograph artworks but sometimes the beastly things just get in the way ! At a time when many university galleries are shedding past pomposities CDU appears to be hell bent on maintaining the status quo. Oh well if that’s what they want ….