August 12


Steve Eland, Joshua Bonson and Catherine Croll

Steve Eland, Joshua Bonson and Catherine Croll

Some of us are struggling with it but soon Northern Centre for Contemporary Art will be rolling of our tongues like it always was. I am refering of course to the recent rebrand and name change fro 24HR Art to the above.  This post features 3 Directors of NCCA with Cath Bowdler, Steve Eland and the new Director who is known very well to Canberra people Maurice O’Riordan. Maurice is currently winding up at Art Monthly Australia and about to take Darwin by storm if he hasn’t already – sorry if that’s a metaphor in poor taste. But really we should be talking about Joshua Bronson whose exhibition opened in a friendly leisurely atmosphere on Saturday arvo. Joshua is an emerging art star and this is is first solo at NCCA for which he has produced a series of paintings based on his totem the Crocodile. Skin he says, “alludes to my people and my totem, the crocodile; it tells of the salt water people and the saltwater crocodile, the key to my totem. Skin works on different levels: it can be read as a close up of a reptile’s skin, as a landscape both seen from a distance and close-up details of rocks and sand.”  You can get a sense of  Josh’s skin paintings in the background of the photographs but there’s nothing like getting up close and personal – Skin and The Dinner Party by Richard Bell at NCCA Vimy Lane Parap until 31 August.

Cath Bowdler (Rob) and Maurice O'Riordan

Cath Bowdler (Rob) and Maurice O’Riordan