September 10


Paul and friend at Richard Bell opening MUMA

Paul and Devon Ackermanat Richard Bell opening MUMA

It seems that the only time visual artists get any publicity is when some d*** head misconstrues their work to be “child pornography”. And it rarely, if ever, is. Artists tend to critique or comment upon what is going on around them rather than slavishly reproduce what it is they are analysing or critiquing. Hope we are not getting to deep there folks ! The news that Melbourne artist Paul Yore has been charged with “producing and possessing child pornography” is disturbing in the extreme. Nat& Dave are p***ed off. Paul’s confiscated works (in question) were produced for an exhibition at Neon Parc Gallery that payed homage to important Australian artist Mike Brown who (incidentally) was prosecuted for obscenity in 1966  (his sentence of three months hard labor was reduced to a $20 fine on later appeal). And now, some 50 years later  ITS ALL HAPPENING AGAIN. Don’t these people ever grow up ! As Paul so sensibly said “I want my work to reflect the ways in which one experiences the world, as a distorted, fragmented, fluctuating set of systems, signs and codes”.   Seems you can’t even enter into the debate these days and you certainly can’t express an honest view without suffering the full force of a law that is designed to deal with actual molesters and sex fiends. There is NO suggestion that Paul is a criminal or a danger to anyone so it will be fascinating to find out what the issue actually is ….. And as Tamara Winnikoff National Association of Visual Artists NAVA pointed out, ” … there is a range of things artists consider when producing controversial works”. What already lies ahead for Paul is a period of extremely hard labour as he takes on the (usually self appointed) censors who lurk amongst us. And it is our duty to support him during this period of trial that ultimately effects us all. The CCAS social pages will be keeping a close eye on this one ….

Paul Yore’s next exhibition opens at Neon Parc Gallery Melbourne on September 12 and no doubt the Victorian Police will be taking an interest and it ain’t audience development.

Read the original story at and there is also a really great up to date account by Gina Fairley on Artshub

Natalie Thomas and David Broker

Paul and work by Pat Larter

Paul and work by Pat Larter