November 07


Ultra-Arty Canberra city of the future

Ultra-arty Canberra – city of the future

Whatever “nigh” means …  Works will be installed next week and the gala opening is Friday 15 November at 6pm. Its always a fun night in which anything can happen and it often does. Happy winners of previous years include local legends Julia Boyd, Marina Neilsen, Jacqueline Bradley and Mandy Martin. Who will join this exclusive club in 2013?  The distinguished judge this year will be Terence Maloon who is the Director of the Drill Hall Gallery. Terence was the art critic for Sydney Morning Herald in the 80s and Senior Curator of Special Exhibitions at the Art Gallery of New South Wales before he came to Canberra. When it comes to art Terence is a font of knowledge, so it will be difficult to argue with the judge’s decision ! But don’t let that deter you ….. we love the controversies. The works are starting to arrive already and there are some views of Canberra quite like anything you have ever seen … The special Centenary Members’ show will run until Saturday 23 November.