December 03



Oz obscenity


One of the many memorable things about the 1982 Adelaide Festival was its poster by Martin Sharp. Director, Jim Sharman may have brought life changing events like Pina Bausch Theatre to Adelaide, but Sharp’s poster, an event in itself, breathed extra life into a memorable program. If Martin Sharp designed your poster the event was bound to become the stuff of legends. Just ask the great rock starts of the late sixties, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan. Sharp himself was a 60s icon in London and Sydney – artist, poet and trouble-maker.  As the artistic director of Oz Magazine he courted more than one obscenity charge (along with Richard Neville and Richard Walsh).  Sharp was finely attuned to the stuff that drives popular culture and he worked for years to save Luna Park, Sydney’s iconic playground next to the bridge. He also became understandably fascinated by American singer Tiny Tim and recognised him as an eccentric genius when few would dare….. Martin Sharp, always so ahead of his time the world may never catch up.  David Broker

Adelaide 1982

Adelaide 1982 Martin Sharp