December 21


…and in that respect we have done rather well.

christmas presence

christmas presence

Well, it’s that time of year again when we have to find something even more tasteless than the previous year for the Christmas message. This can be quite a challenge but … by george I think we done it … thrice ! Check the record covers sprinkled throughout this post.

Its been quite a year for the CCAS Social Pages. We ended 2012 boasting around 3,000 views per month and how proud we were. 2013, however, is another matter entirely with views running at 8-9,000 and 3,000 visitors monthly. So what happened …. The new format has helped significantly and then the fabulous Natalie Thomas who has been assiduous in sending posts from Melbourne. Late in the year Mick Richards joined the team and he has been posting from London, Brisbane and Byron Bay. So the social pages have become a major operation in 013, as Nat put it “ … an operation on the verge of an institution”.


Its been a year of personal as well as social triumphs and Nat was one of the winners of the Darebin Art Show in which she received an amount of money not to be sneezed at. Her work Puppy, is a symphony of shells that quote from sources  diverse as Jeff Koons’ infamous pooch to Fred and Mrytle’s Paua Shell House. She’s quite a talent our Nat and has many irons in the fires of creativity.

Natalie Thomas Puppy 2013

Fred and Myrtle's Paua Shell House (detail) Canterbury Museum

Fred and Myrtle’s Paua Shell House with Tuis (detail) Canterbury Museum

Nat and Dave have even done a few gigs together over the year with appearances in Sydney for the launch of Performance Space’s Forever Now ( at which Willow S. Welland put them to work) and The Financial Report at Artspace. They love to travel and have  been twice across the ditch to drum up business at  The Auckland Triennial and SCAPE7 in Christchurch. New Zealand has become the second largest fan followed by USA, UK and Germany. Yes folks we are well on the way to global domination.

Nat in Lyttelton

Nat in Lyttelton

The social pages are what Hunter S. Thompson would call gonzo operation which means that all our correspondents immerse themselves thoroughly into the world of art openings and related cultural events. This can be very taxing as it requires a good deal of intense socialising and results in many a seedy morning. Such self-sacrifice should be acknowledged if not lauded. While this sometimes leads to a lowering of professional standards, and the necessity for periods on the wagon, there is never too long between drinks.

The fabulous David Cross - never it seems to be caught without a birthday cake

The fabulous David Cross – never it seems to be caught without a birthday cake

busy bar - Transitional Cathedral and dance hall

we like a busy bar – Transitional Cathedral come dance hall

Nat gets a bit arty with Sharnae and Harry in Christchurch

Nat gets a bit arty with Sharnae and Harry in Christchurch

Both Nat and Dave have given the SCAPE7 opening in Christchurch favourite event status. In Christchurch’s Transitional (cardboard) cathedral this opening party went off. Surrounded by the devastation of major earthquakes and thousands of aftershocks Christchurch is well ready to get down and this was the kind of very rare event where instant friends for life just come out of nowhere. If we were to give awards, Christchurch would be getting it not only for pulling it off in the most difficult circumstances but doing it in style. Nat also gave special mention to the Meredith Music Festival, Melbourne Now opening at the NGV, Kings ARI 10th birthday party, Mofo (particularly Tina playing drums in the Derwent), and Faux Mo, the craziest After Party ever. Go Tassie ! Dave had his favourites too and these included the Science Fiction opening at CCAS when Robyn Archer dressed as a martian and Ben Forster pissed on his work. (These two events are not in anyway related one hastens to add). Then there was the BMA Canberra musos opening and Bad Girls to which so many people came CCAS was unable to cope at the bar. Just what we always wanted. And The Financial Report opening at Artspace in Sydney was so successful we didn’t even touch the emergency bottle of wine.

Erica Seccombe and our favourite Martian Robyn Archer

Erica Seccombe and our favourite Martian Robyn Archer

Silas, Anni and Jorian (Bad Girls you say)

Silas, Anni and Jorian (Bad Girls you say)

Tina Havelock Stevens is White Drummer

Tina Havelock Stevens is White Drummer in Derwent

The most looked at posts of the year were Heart of Gold following the untimely death of Adelaide legend Pamela Zeplin. Near 1,000 people in one day went into shock upon hearing the sad news. Pam always knew how to attract attention, but this was going too far … If there was an internet equivalent of the sound barrier then Nat crashed through it with her Melbourne Now posts. How wise was the NGV was to give her press pass ? Again pushing 1,000 day for several days. The other most looked at post has been (sadly) news about Arts Queensland withdrawing funding to the Queensland Centre for Photography. We tend to avoid politics in the social pages but we could not let that one go without some mildly ascerbic commentary.

Pam as Antoinette de Schaaft

Sorely missed: Pam Zeplin as Antoinette de Schaaft circa 1992

Pamela Zeplin photographs the Guerrilla Girls Cleland National Park, Adelaide 1990 something

Pamela Zeplin photographs the Guerrilla Girls, Cleland National Park, Adelaide 1990 something

So its Christmas again and time for the social pages to take a well deserved rest. Thanks to Nat and Mick for keeping us entertained over the year and to everyone who has so willingly posed for the gonzo paparazzi. The CCAS social pages will be back in the new year and we look forward to the Adelaide Festival.

this aint no white christmas

indeed !