January 23


Elena Papanikolakis and Annika (Annika's curatorial debut at CCAS Manuka)

Elena Papanikolakis and Annika (Annika’s curatorial debut at CCAS Manuka)

There’s movement at the station … and change is in the wind. You may have heard that Annika Harding will be the new Gallery Manager at ANCA (Australian National Capital Artists). That means of course that she will be leaving CCAS where she has been the Gallery Administrator since 2010. Annika has been part of the furniture for even longer, however, as she started out as the Art History intern a couple of years prior. During her time at CCAS Annika played a significant role in the Studio Residents Program and has been the curator of Blaze, annual emerging artists exhibition on several occasions, including the next one due to open 14 February. Her exhibition Backburning for the Canberra Centenary highlighted the sophisticated practices developed by emerging ACT artists – not to forget the curators. Leaving with a comprehensive knowledge of artists’ practices in the ACT and beyond, our loss is certainly ANCA’s gain.

Annika has been the first point of contact for most visitors to CCAS and a very pleasant one at that.  Pretty much unflappable – you need that here – she has cruised through her time at CCAS with a great sense of humour and importantly a sharp sense of interest in the many facets of running a contemporary art space. Annika is one of the people who does a lot, managing the gallery, developing a writing and painting practice, while skiing with movie stars on the sanctified slopes of Aspen, Colorado. (Her sporting activities have been of considerable concern to us) The archetypal Renaissance woman, Annika will be sorely missed but she is not far away and CCAS has had cosy relations with ANCA for some years now. Can they be even cosier? Essentially it’s more of a side step than a departure and while she will be sorely missed, Annika’s move will ultimately benefit the visual arts community in Canberra. Thanks to Annika for her dedication and understanding of what we at CCAS are all about …. and all the very best in the new position.

Obviously – there is a job going at CCAS so if you can see yourself in Annika’s shoes please give David Broker or Alex Boynes a call on (02) 6247 0188 for a chat and/or duty statement. A little more info SEEKING : GALLERY MANAGER

Sark vision of the future for Alex and David ......

A ghastly vision of life after Annika  ……

But back to Annika …

Annika, Serge and Yolande

Annika, Serge and Yolande at the Hyatt

Serge and Annika at the Hyatt

Serge and Annika at the Hyatt

Serge, Annika and Yolande

Serge, Annika and Yolande at the Wig&Pen


Ania and Annika

Team CCAS – David, Alex and Annika

Alex Annika and Dean

Alex Annika and Dean


Annika and her mum Sandra at the opening of Shortfall at ANCA Gallery

Michele and Annika

Michele and Annika