February 21


another great speech from Jon Mundine OAM

another great speech from Djon Mundine OAM

Presented by Australia Council for the Arts and Brisbane Powerhouse as a special exhibition for WTF14 and APAM 2014, the works of the proppaNOW arts collective will reverberate throughout the precinct and The Hub at Brisbane Powerhouse from 14 February until 24

proppaNOW are a provocative and challenging collective of Queensland Aboriginal artists who currently reside or have lived in Brisbane. Together, they create a platform for contemporary urban Aboriginal artists while also challenging society’s perception of Aboriginal identity and art.

This exhibition, curated by Jody Haines and Merindah Donnelly, explores each member’s worldview, in a space combining art, performance and dialogue. An innovative collaboration of mediums turning the artists’ works into performers themselves, inferred as “circus” or performance art by Djon Mundine OAM in his essay for the exhibition.

The inclusion of the proppaNOW collective within the Australian Performing Arts Market provides the perfect context to showcase collaboration by these internationally acclaimed artists from Brisbane.

‘The impetus for curating this exhibition comes from my view that audiences should be exposed to the broadest spectrum of Aboriginal identity in the 21st Century. In particular – proppaNOW’s work focuses on lived experiences from the east coast.’ Merindah Donnelly co- curator.

The proppaNOW exhibition at Brisbane Powerhouse features within the Australian Performing Arts Market (APAM) and World Theatre Festival (WTF). APAM has an impressive program of contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait island artists showcasing and pitching their work and featuring in panels with their national and international peers. The work of Vernon Ah Kee from proppaNOW also features as design of the superb solo dance piece Gudirr Gudirr, featuring Dalisa Pigram from Marrugeku. (still a few names to come)

Mick Richards 

Moses Gibson, Merindah Donnelly and Brenda Croft

Moses Gibson, Merindah Donnelly and Brenda Croft

Image 6

Judy Watson and Collette Brennan

Image 4

pleased crowd

Image 12

Brisbane Powerhouse with work by Megan Cope

Image 13

Gordon Hookey, Laurie Nilsen and Mark

Image 14

Emily Murphy, Merindah Donnelly, Fiona Foley and Jane (and unknown friend on the left)

Image 7

Kris Stewart (Powerhouse Artistic Director) Laurie Nilsen, Vernon Ah Kee, Djon Mundine

Image 10

Kim Bowers, Geila Watson, Lorna Munro and Eric Avery

Image 8

Kim Bowers, Geila Watson, Lorna Munro and Eric Avery

Image 5

Jindhu Lawrie and Kahl Wallace with their manager Leanne de Souza- they are The Medics

Image 9

Louana Sainsbury, Mark Stapleton and Judy Watson

Jindhu Lawrie, Kahl Wallace, Merindah Donnelly

Geila Watson, Kim Bowers, Jindhu Lawrie, Kahl Wallace, Merindah Donnelly and Luke Peacock

Image 2

Michael, Emma and friend

Image 15

Peter Kift, Djon Mundine, Fiona Foley and Gordon Hookey

Image 16

Kyle Morrison and Isacc Drandic

Image 17

Kris Stewart addresses crowd

Image 18

Laurie Nilsen and Djon Mundine

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