May 02



First tools ready for use. Image Dierdre Pearce, 2014

Isobel Rayson and Dierdre Pearce are artists of ENORMOUS promise. They are currently Honours students in the ANU Art School Sculpture Workshop and have been besties for several years. Noting similarities and sympathies in their practices it seemed appropriate for them to do a collaborative exhibition. Its a clever idea where they begin with two invented tools for art making, produce works, invent new tools based on new works and then do it all over again until they have filled the gallery. Notwithstanding the challenges of working with new “things” that become part of the exhibition, Dierdre and Isobel have excelled with great ideas and works that show amazing skills. You won’t know who did what – because its one show by two people and a tightly controlled  conceptual exercise in itself. Rinse and Repeat at CCAS Manuka until 11 May.

Dierdre Pearce and Isobel Rayson

Dierdre Pearce and Isobel Rayson